Mike Abadir of The Mike Abadir Show

Mike Abadir
NFL Contract Advisor

Mike Abadir, a unique and polished negotiator in the areas of sports and real estate contracts, brings his voice to sports radio. His vast experience started as an intern with the Oakland Raiders and has continued to develop as a NFL player agent. He’s always held firm to his mission, which is to work with the athlete to be the best football player on and off the field. Based on his business knowledge and the intricacies of the NFL salary cap, Mike has provided expert analysis on the topic at numerous sports industry seminars, radio shows, and television appearances as a guest NFL player agent.

Mike graduated from U.C. San Diego and later received his law degree from John F. Kennedy University School of Law. Mike is certified as a player-agent by the National Football League Players Association, and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.