MLB LCS w The Athletic’s Matt Kory and Fox Sports’ David Gascon
October 11, 2018 11am – 12 noon pst

October 11, 2018

MLB LCS w The Athletic’s Matt Kory
and Fox Sports’ David Gascon

Matthew Kory  
Covers the Boston Red Sox
The Athletic

David Gascon   
Play-by-Play Broadcaster
Fox Sports



In this week’s radio show, Mike and Gino will be getting all the insider info on each of the MLB League Championship Series’ with expert guests:

* ALCS – Matthew Kory of The Athletic

* NLCS – David Gascon of Fox Sports

As always during the NFL and college football season, the last segment of the show is dedicated to bet bets featuring and America’s Best Racing’s Monique Vag, aka the “Parlay Queen.”  She will give us her top plays of the weekend, and Mike and Gino provide their picks as well!

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Join us for this must-listen edition of the show!


MATTHEW CORY is a contributing writer for The Athletic where he covers the Boston Red Sox. He has covered the Red Sox and baseball at Baseball Prospectus, FanGraphs, Fox Sports, The Sporting News, and Vice Sports among other places.


DAVID GASCON is a play-by-play broadcaster for Fox Sports and the Fox Sports family of networks.  He has covered and announced both pro and college football, as well as most other major team sports at the pro and college levels. Along with Fox, he has also previously appeared on many other local and national sports networks such as ESPN, and he is currently a contributor for Stadium.

Additionally, David can be heard on Fox Sports Radio and iHeart Radio as a national anchor.



MONIQUE VAG, aka THE PARLAY QUEEN, is a respected sports and horse racing handicapper!  Her work can be found on major industry platforms, including and America’s Best Racing.

The Parlay Queen has a strong social media presence, with insightful in-game commentary, sharp selections, and sharing of videos. She can often be heard providing her picks on various popular radio shows, including The Mike Abadir Show, where she is a regular show contributor during the NFL season!