SB Contest Winner Joe Quillen
February 15, 2018 11am – 12 noon pst

NFL Playoff Pickem Contest Winner, Joe Quillen joins Mike and Gino

SB Contest Winner Joe Quillen Guest Host; Mike ‘n Gino Debate!
February 15, 2018 

Joe Quillen
aka Win it for Wentz
Show’s Pick’em Contest Winner


In this week’s show, our NFL Playoff Pickem Contest Winner, Joe Quillen, “cashes” in one of his prizes and guest hosts a radio segment alongside Mike and Gino. A hardcore fan of all things related to Philadelphia sports, Joe went by the handle name “Win it for Wentz” in the contest, so we can expect to hear a lot of Philly talk!

In the spirit of NBA All-Star weekend, Mike and Gino will debate which of the major sports has the best overall lineup when it comes to the all-star festivities and the all-star game itself. We’re looking for listener participation, so be sure to call, Tweet, or email any additional debate topics you want the guys to hash out on the air!

Make sure to join us Thursday, February 15th, at 11am PST


Joe Quillen,
winner of the show’s NFL Playoff Pickem Contest, is one of the biggest fans of Philadelphia sports. Naturally, the Eagles’ Super Bowl victory helped him seal the deal for a hard fought win in the contest, where he went by the handle, “Win it for Wentz.”