WWE Insiders on Royal Rumble 2018!
January 25, 2018 11am – 12 noon pst

WWE Insiders on Royal Rumble 2018!
January 25, 2018

Brian Campbell 
WWE, MMA, Boxing Insider, CBS Sports

Nick Hines aka Sarge 
Horse Racing TV Analyst, TVG

Darin Zoccali 
Key Account Manager, Betfair/TVG

Brian Monzo 
Producer & Host, WFAN/NYG Radio.

Alex Regla 
Lakers Insider, Lakers SB Nation

Andrew Champagne 
Digital Media, DRF The Inside Post

Jason Beem 
Radio Host, BetAmerica Radio Network

Matt LaRussa  Derby Danny K 
Local Legends & Favorite Show Callers


In this episode, Mike and Gino will get down with some WWE talk! The much anticipated Royal Rumble 2018 is coming up on Sunday, January, 28th, so we have invited experts, insiders, and fans alike to call in with their favorite Royal Rumble moments, and to give us their predictions for the weekend’s big event!

Our expert and insider lineup will include:

* Combat sports insider, Brian Campbell of CBS,
* TVG’s Nick Hines aka Sarge and Darin Zoccali,
* WFAN’s Brian Monzo,
* Laker’s insider Alex Regla,
* DRF’s Andrew Champagne,
* BetAmerica Radio Network’s Jason Beem,
* Local legends and top callers, Matt LaRussa and Derby Danny K!

Call us with your favorite R.R. moments: 1-888-346-9144

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Email Us: mike@themikeabadirshow.com and gino@themikeabadirshow.com


This week’s guests will consist of several callers to the show to give their WWE insight on Royal Rumble 2018.

The guest lineup consists of Brian Campbell, who is a combat sports insider. His work can be seen on CBS Sports, and he hosts “In this Corner with Brian Campbell” which covers WWE, MMA, and boxing. Fans of TVG know Nick Hines aka Sarge and Darin Zoccali. Sarge is a horse racing owner and an analyst on the TV network, and Darin has covered Meadowlands harness racing and he is a Key Accounts Manager for Betfair/TVG. Brian Monzo is both a producer and a host for NY radio station WFAN and NYG Radio.

Previous show guests such as Lakers SBNation’s, Alex Regla, DRF’s Andrew Champagne, and BetAmerica Radio Network’s Jason Beem will also be joining us. We look forward to hearing from our favorite callers, such as Matt LaRussa and Derby Danny K, and we welcome and invite any first time callers as well!