Vegas Strong and Fan Fest Charity w Brewers Prospect Bubba Derby
January 11 2018 11am – 12 noon pst

Mike Abadir, Bubba Derby

Vegas Strong and Fan Fest Charity w Brewers Prospect Bubba Derby
January 11, 2018

Bubba Derby 
Right-Handed Pitcher

In this week’s episode, Mike and Gino will talk to Milwaukee Brewers prospect, Bubba Derby, about his remarkable story of being in the midst of the Las Vegas shooting while attending a country music concert and acting as a human shield while saving two women’s lives.

We will also get the right-handed pitcher’s thoughts on his future path with the Brewers organization, along with the big league club’s outlook for 2018. He will also tell us about the 2018 Fan Fest charity event that he is promoting. This fundraiser benefits families dealing with cancer, indeed a very worthy cause. We will also discuss Alabama’s big win over Georgia in the CFP title game, and preview the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs.

Bubba Derby
is a right handed pitcher in the Milwaukee Brewers organization. He played collegiately at San Diego State, and was drafted in the 6th round of the 2015 MLB Draft by the Oakland A’s. He later was a part of the big trade which sent slugger Khris Davis to the A’s in 2016 and him to the Brewers organization.

Bubba had a strong 2017 season in which he posted a 7-1 record and a solid 3.26 ERA between AA and AAA, but his “strongest” performance came when he saved lives by acting as a human shield for two women in the midst of the Las Vegas shooting. Vegas Strong takes on a personal meaning for him, but for everyone else, he is a true hero!

On that note, he is promoting the 2018 Fan Fest, an event benefiting families dealing with cancer.